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Farm Benafátima São Marcos da Serra Silves - water, electricity, great location
€ 90.000
thumbFarm Benafátima São Marcos da Serra Silves - water, electricity, great location
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-1181149.400m²Sale
Property consisting of 1 mixed land with 2 ruins(8,156 ha) and 3 exclusively rustic plots of land, with an excellent location, great for those who enjoy and want to live in the countryside, away from the stress and confusion typical of cities. Urban Area: 1520sqm Located 5 minutes from S. Marcos da Serra. Great for building your own residence and/or operating tourist accommodation in rural areas, with all the necessary conditions for a self-sustainable existence, both in terms of agriculture and livestock. Electricity. Fertile land with plenty of underground water. Panoramic views. Distances: S. Bartolomeu de Messines - 15 min. Monchique - 25/30 min. River Beach of the Sta. Clara-a-Velha Dam - 15 min. Note: Each of the 4 plots of land has its matrix artº so it can easily be sold if there is interest in that situation. CURIOSITIES: «The actual date of the creation of the parish of São Marcos da Serra is not yet known, however the oldest documental reference to this parish dates back to 1598 in the information that Bishop D. Fernando Martins Mascarenhas sent to Pope Clement VIII about the state of his Bishopric. It was certainly in the first half of the 16th century, during the reign of D. Manuel (1495-1521), that the parish of São Marcos emerged, given that it was this monarch who undertook the entire reorganization of the administration of the territory and granted the new charters to the Portuguese cities and towns... » DESCRIPTION: « São Marcos da Serra is a rural parish, belonging to the municipality of Silves, with an area of ​​161.7 ksqm. It is located west of the IC1 Lisbon - Algarve, 36 km north of Silves, in the middle of the Algarve mountains, in a transition area between Baixo Alentejo and Algarve and between the mountains of Monchique and Caldeirão. The Ribeira de Odelouca that surrounds the village passes through this parish, and from now on feeds the dam with the same name. It is limited by the parishes of São Bartolomeu de Messines, Alferce, Pereiras, Santana da Serra, São Barnabé and Sabóia. The urban fabric is quite irregular, the houses with only one floor (rarely two) follow the slope of the land, which still retains many traces of rurality, and its interior consists of backyards with strong agricultural use. The panoramic views of the village and its surroundings and the contrast between the two mountains, either by the shape of the relief or by its vegetation cover, constitute, in themselves, values ​​of the natural and built heritage. » Junta de Freguesia de S. Marcos da Serra (site)
Farm 6 bedrooms Bordeira Santa Bárbara de Nexe Faro - equipped, garden, swimming pool
€ 2.450.000
thumbFarm 6 bedrooms Bordeira Santa Bárbara de Nexe Faro - equipped, garden, swimming pool
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-88605m²  5.746m²Sale
Exotic and Fantastic Villa V6 in Santa Barbara de Nexe. - Do you want to live in a quiet area? - In an exotic house? - Invite your friends to enjoy the beauty and share this paradise with you? - Yes, we have the ideal Villa / Quinta to make your dreams come true. - Tranquility, where you can enjoy your days in this exotic place and make your day more Zen. - This Quinta consists of: - A wonderful pool surrounded by a beautiful environment of nature. - An exotic pergola located next to the pool to enjoy the shade on those very hot days and maybe even having a relaxing nap. - It also has an extraordinary indoor garden. - The garden outside contains a decoration of wonderful plants and varied so that you never get tired of walking. - Fully equipped and unique kitchen. - Great Hall. - 4 rooms all themed and en suite, decoration for all tastes and moods. -5 pantries. - A private library to feed your culture. - Park for 10 vehicles. - Fruit trees. - Imposing Gate. - This Exotic farm still has: - Copulated to the main house there is a guest house. - Composed of Sala. - Fully equipped kitchen. - Bedroom. - Bathroom. -The whole Villa is themed. - Living in our days surrounded by tranquility, happiness, health is one of our constants as human beings so we have the opportunity to present this paradisiacal place. - Come visit - We are waiting for you
Homestead Coruche - cork oaks
€ 14.000.000
thumbHomestead Coruche - cork oaks
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-122512.530.000m²Sale
Investment Opportunity in Ribatejo. Excellent homeland isolated in the countryside, surrounded by wild and meek pinetrees, cork oaks with extraction of cork, eucalyptus and bush. The vast main house has an area of 1507.71sqm. The homeowner has house of homemade with 123sqm, warehouse with 312sqm, incubator with 45sqm, greenhouse, small dams and accommodations for hunting. Coruche is a Portuguese village in the district of Santarém, the capital of cork, with about 9,000 inhabitants. It is the headquarters of the municipality of Coruche, one of the largest in Portugal. Wherever the attention is turned, the colors of the mount, the agricultural fields and the river are always present, in a watercolor where golden, green and blue dots stand out. Coruche is extensive and friendly, with mediterranean climate, marked by the odors of wildflowers and the sounds of the birds of the floodplain. A walking tour through the streets of the towns and villages of the municipality is the best way to get to know Coruche, or else get lost in the vastness of the cork and pine hillland areas, against the backdrop of the agricultural plain of the Sorraia river valley. After the charms of the landscape, the aromas and flavors of traditional Ribatejana cuisine. Menu made with wild meats of toiro and veal, river fish, rice, pine nuts and other products of the land. Visiting Coruche is visiting one of the most inspiring regions of Portugal. Among places of great ecological interest, rich in biodiversity, walk through centuries of tradition, still intact today. See also the handicrafts that the artisans of the region manufacture and that is manifested in basketry, textiles and works with cork and clay. ​ The built heritage is another point of interest. The architecture of the houses, the churches, the Museum, the museum centers, the Observatory of Cork and Cork reveal excerpts of the Coruchense soul and contribute to the uniqueness of this destination. Outdoor sports are also recommended. Here exceptional conditions can be found for the practice of mountain biking, hiking, running trail, canoeing, hunting, fishing and many other activities. The owner sells the company.
Farm Silves - green areas, balcony, swimming pool, water
€ 15.000.000
thumbFarm Silves - green areas, balcony, swimming pool, water
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-1280803.240m²Sale
According to descriptive memory, the program includes: The proposal aims to build an isolated Hotel Establishment in the typology of Aparthotel associated with the theme of nature tourism in particular of farm with agricultural production of typical products of the region. The urban proposal concentrates its implementation in a single area and of less than 10% of the total property – 7.6ha, and the land has an area of 80.3ha. The buildings have a maximum of 2 floors. THE SOLUTION ENCOMPASSEs: - Main building at the top of the ground and next to the geodesic landmark. - Rehabilitation of the Chapel of Santana and its conversion into catering equipment including the creation of an outdoor deck/terrace; - Set of bungalows of various typologies, arranged within the defined nuclear structure and implanted taking advantage of the natural level curves of the terrain, combined with sun exposure and views; - Outdoor leisure area next to the reservoir for sports and leisure activities, which will support the various accommodation units, and which will have the contiguous ruin rehabilitated in order to offer the necessary support. - Orchard and animal area for own consumption and interaction with guests. The road and pedestrian routes will be the existing ones. USE PROGRAM: - Hotel will consist of: main building and swimming pool, chapel and terrace, bungalows, recreational and leisure areas, and green areas of autoctonous bush. The main building has 2 blocks, one to the north that includes the reception and backoffice, living room facing the landscape and a set of meeting and conference rooms on Floor 0. On the upper floor is a set of 19 suites in the conventional hotel typology. To the south are located the leisure and dining spaces, namely the restaurant, the kitchen and the bar on the 0th floor and the gym and SPA on the floor -1. Outside in front of this arises the swimming pool and living area launched over the landscape. Also on the lower floor are also the staff locker rooms and a warehouse; - Bungalows, will be of 2 types, both in wooden structure. ZONE 1=Next to the Chapel= small core coated in the exterior in corten steel consisting of single floor. They will be T1 with a living room and kitchenette, a sanitary facility and a bedroom. The rest will be entirely in wood, structure and exterior finish, sloping cover with two waters and balcony. There are 3 typologies, T1, T1+1 and T2, the latter being prepared for disabled users. They consist of living room with kitchenette, a bedroom, a sanitary installation, and a covered balcony. In the case of T1+1 there is still a mezzanine. - CAPELA = will be rehabilitated and converted into a hotel dining space with outdoor terrace over the west reservoir. - The entire development will be served by outdoor leisure spaces, courses, a swimming pool and green areas.