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Land Agricultural with 96880sqm Fóia Monchique - water, construction viability
€ 1.350.000
thumbLand Agricultural with 96880sqm Fóia Monchique - water, construction viability
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-91796.880m²Sale
Land with 9,688 Ha, stunning scenery, covering Fonte Santa Viewpoint and respective pure water source. A mandatory stop for the thousands of tourists who visit the region every year, not only for its scenic beauty, but also for the unique characteristics attributed to the water that continuously springs from its source. Land adjoining, in all its extension, with the road of Fóia. Feasibility of building a luxury tourist complex (5 stars), including a hotel with 78 rooms, swimming pool and tennis courts. MEANWHILE, ACCORDING TO ITS DIMENSION, PURITY AND HIGH PH OF ITS WATER, THIS LAND IS EXCELLENT FOR THE CULTURE OF MICRO ALGAE SUCH AS 'SPIRULINA DA SERRA' - CYANOBACTERIA SPIRALE -, AMONG OTHERS, CONSIDERED THE PLANET'S SUPER FOOD. THEREFORE, THE AGRICULTURAL DIMENSION (MICROALGAE CULTURE) CAN BE COMBINED WITH THE TOURISM AND LEISURE ONE (HOTEL UNIT/SPA). CURIOSITIES: «Monchique is a unique area of ​​the Algarve, located inland and covering a vast area of ​​towns, villages and countryside in the largest mountain in the Algarve. You can see the Monchique mountain range from much of the center and west of the Algarve, as it dominates the horizon to the north, and to reach the foot of the mountain it is only a short distance from Portimão where it is well signposted both by the A22 and of the EN125. The road that goes up the hill is small and narrow, but it is not a path that you intend to follow with a lot of speed, given that the views during the trip are stunning and it is worth taking some time to admire the landscape. There are many things to do in Monchique, with some mandatory visits for those who want to get a real idea of ​​the area. Monchique is a fantastic place to experience outdoor activities. If you have the energy, there are hiking experiences, downhill cycling adventures or the chance to get off the road on your mountain bike to explore the forest. If you prefer to do things at a slower pace, then a Segway tour of the area is ideal, or alternatively, a jeep safari through the mountains and down to the coast. A place that you must include in your Monchique itinerary is a trip to the top and the peak of Foia, the highest point in the mountains and the Algarve and the best place for fantastic panoramic views of the entire region below. From Foia you can see all the way to the Atlantic and you can choose from several destinations, including the Autódromo do Algarve, which is close to the base of the mountain and will stage the Portuguese Formula One Grand Prix. » algarvefun website
Land Urban/agricultural with 115360sqm Picota Monchique - construction viability, water
€ 1.500.000
thumbLand Urban/agricultural with 115360sqm Picota Monchique - construction viability, water
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-916115.360m²Sale
Land with 4 ruins, 11.53 Ha, located at the summit of Picota and with the possibility of building a luxury Tourist Resort and / or Cable Car with Panoramic Restaurant Feasible Projects (granted by the municipality): - HOTEL UNIT WITH CAPACITY FOR 78 BEDROOMS, designed in a harmonious way, as an integral element of the natural landscape; - THE CABLE CAR connecting the summit of PICOTA to the center of MONCHIQUE. Detailed information on request. There is a 'DECLARATION OF MUNICIPAL INTEREST' (2017) to support both projects, taking into account the fact that they may constitute an ASSET for the TOURIST DEVELOPMENT of the municipality of MONCHIQUE. His property owner even won the prize for presenting the best project for the town and municipality of Monchique. As for its urban dimension, in terms of the existing ruins, they occupy a total area of ​​400sqm, with a building implantation area of ​​215.78sqm. CURIOSITIES: 'Picota viewpoint Picota, with its 774 m of altitude, offers a stunning landscape, although more steep, and one of the broadest and perhaps, most beautiful, scenarios that cover a vast extension of the Algarve coast and the sea. ' cm-monchique (website) «In the center of two great mountains (Fóia and Picota), the municipality of Monchique enters history with the presence of the Romans in Caldas de Monchique, attracted by the healing power of its waters. In the following centuries, the mountain was slowly populated and in the 16th century Monchique was already a sufficiently important village to deserve the visit of King D. Sebastião, who intended to grant it the status of a city. The weaving of wool and linen - the solid surrobecos, orianos and tow from ancient times - among other activities, such as those related to chestnut wood, contributed to the prosperity and development of Monchique, in such a way that in 1773 it was promoted to village. The economic changes resulting from industrialization meant the loss of textile and other manufacturing activities. Today, Monchique is an airy town, turned to tourism, with an active handicraft and a diversified economy... » Wikipedia
Plot flat Belas Queluz Sintra - easy access
€ 1.900.000
thumbPlot flat Belas Queluz Sintra - easy access
t1t2t3t4REF AV-PBI-124330.041m²Sale
Plot of land located on the limits of Belas Clube de Campo, next to the entrance ordinance located in EN117, with the possibility of urban development according to the Urban Plan of Serra da Carregueira and the PdM of Sintra meanwhile revised. Inserted in the urbanization plan of serra da Carregueira. which can enable a gross construction area of about 13000sqm for trade and services. Situated next to the entrance of Belas Clube de Campo, a residential space mostly of 1st house, with good access and an excellent landscape. According to the urban plan, it delimits an Execution Unit, concerning the entrance of the Belas Clube de Campo, where the plots of land are located and which aims at the realization of private urban operations, with the following objectives: - creation of a space for economic activities that allows the installation of a small retail commercial unit and serving the Plan area, especially total urbanization. - The strengthening of the offer for health and well-being, as well as complementary services in the area of the Plan. - Ensure the landscape of the volumes to be built and the valorization of the Municipal Ecological Structure as well as strengthen the network of smooth mobility of the Plan area. Belas Clube de Campo is a development that extends over a thousand hectares inserted in the new Serra da Carregueira Forest Park, approximately 15 minutes from the center of Lisbon and where about 800 families reside. It allows you to enjoy numerous support services, including an 18-hole golf course, internationally recognized, tennis courts, paddle, football, beach volleyball, gym, numerous bike paths, the João de Belas school garden recently opened and a large restaurant with the possibility of holding events, among others. This area still preserves its natural shape and its proximity to the City as well as the easy access to all amenities is a great investment bet.
Land Urban with 226.12sqm Guia Albufeira - arable crop
€ 6.000.000
thumbLand Urban with 226.12sqm Guia Albufeira - arable crop
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-CG09100735226,12m²Sale
These are two plots in Guia, registered in the CRP of Albufeira, being: one of them, called 'Quinta Valverde', with 115,680sqm (Rustic Article), and the other, called 'Monte da Rosa', with 110,440sqm (Urban Article). They are next to EN 125, north side, in the area of Guia - Albufeira with easy access to the A22 - Via do Infante, A2 and IC1, in the area of influence of the 'Algarve Shopping', in front of several large commercial areas. The buildings under analysis are integrated in the area covered by the Guide Detail Plan - Phase III, the construction of spaces for economic activities, commerce, services, hotel, hospital and areas with animation equipment and will be partially occupied by Plots A1 and A2 of said PP. The plot A1- trade on 2 floors with basement parking and the portion A2 - trade on the 0th floor and services, hotel and hospital unit on the 1st floor with basement parking. Animation equipment in the 2 malls located between the buildings. The buildings to be built are expected to have current characteristics in terms of finishes. The parcels corresponding to the Hotel and Hospital will be sold in scum. The buildings are free with arable culture and bush and some buildings (housing and annexes). Information on the areas: Total Land Area: 115,680sqm + 110,440sqm Implantation Area: 184sqm Gross Private Area 62sqm Gross Dependent Area: 122sqm.
Land for construction Luz Lagos - sea view
€ 6.500.000
thumbLand for construction Luz Lagos - sea view
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-93758.213m²Sale
Plot of Land, Magnificent plot of land with an approved project for construction in Praia da Luz., An excellent opportunity with a total of 38 urbanized and architectural plots approved on a plot with ca. 58,213sqm, of which ca. 3,684sqm are green spaces. Specialty projects are also being approved. Because an Investor buys a project with this quality in a unique location with almost all buildings having a privileged view, Vista Mar and be ca. 500 meters from Praia da Luz, makes this investment a great advantage, since the investor earns ca. 2 Years, which would be more or less the time for a project of this nature to be approved. For an investor and someone else, TIME IS MONEY. As already mentioned, the privileged disposition of this project allows to have panoramic Sea views, and to have Centrality and accessibility: next to the EN125, it allows the visitor to reach in a few minutes the center of the village, the beaches, restaurants, bars, the golf courses and shops. In addition to these unique conditions, since the subdivision, the distance to Faro International Airport is not 50 minutes. This land is ideal for the construction of residential properties, for rent or tourism project. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT Plot of land composed of 4 plots for urbanization. Currently with a project under development for construction in the following modalities 1 lot for 28 apartments (20 T2 + 8 T1); 1 lot for 14 houses; 30 lots for two bedroom villas; 6 lots for three bedroom villas. AREAS Total Lot Area: 58213 Green area: 3684 Lots area: 42322sqm; Number of fires: 78; Floors: 2 + 1 hp; Maximum construction area: 13900sqm Maximum implantation area: 11120m²; Maximum waterproofing area: 19460sqm; Number of private parking spaces: 19460sqm Concession areas for green spaces for collective use: 3684sqm; Infrastructure transfer areas: 9594sqm²222 Fabulous project with sea view, and close to the Sea Excellent opportunity
Plot of land Agricultural with 151950sqm Alcobaça
€ 7.250.000
thumbPlot of land Agricultural with 151950sqm Alcobaça
t1t2t3t4REF AV-PBI-1253151.950m²Sale
Important allotment with Alcobaça whose urbanization works were approved by the CMA, for housing (single-family and multi-family), commerce and services, with a total Gross Construction Area (ABC) of 151,950sqm. Energy Class: Exempt The current city of Alcobaça has grown in the valleys of the Alcoa River and the Baça River. The area of the current municipality of Alcobaça was inhabited by the Romans, but the denomination was left to it by the Arabs, whose occupation denotes an era of progress judging by the numerous toponyms of the adjacent lands that remind them, such as Alcobaça, Alfeizerão, Aljubarrota, Alpedriz and other toponyms. When Alcobaça was reconquered, the locality had access to the nearby sea that formed the great Pederneira Lagoon that reached Cós and allowed them to sail the vessels that transported to the rest of the country the delicious fruits produced in the region thanks to the technique introduced by the monks of Cisterer. Afonso Henriques sweetened the Lands of Alcobaça to the Cistercian monks on April 8,1153, with the obligation to burp them; the donations made over the various reigns came to constitute a vast territory - The Coutos of Alcobaça - ranging from about São Pedro de Moel to São Martinho do Porto and from Aljubarrota to Alvorninha, and the territory reached its maximum in the reign of D. Fernando I. The monks of Cistermen came to be lords of 14 villages of which 4 were sea ports: Alfeizerão, São Martinho do Porto, Pederneira and Paredes da Vitória. The monks of Alcobaça, in addition to their religious and cultural activity- have had public classes since 1269 and in them, in addition to Humanities, Logic and Theology, taught agricultural techniques - developed a remarkable and lasting colonizing action, putting into practice the agricultural innovations experienced in other monasteries and thanks to which they burped the lands, dried sticks, introduced cultures suitable to each land and organized farms or farms, what they called farms, creating practically from nothing an agricultural region that has remained to this day as one of the most productive in Portugal. Joaquim Vieira Naatividade refers to the monks of Alcobaça, as the monks-agronomes. The municipalities of Alcobaça and Nazaré, as well as part of the northern municipality of Caldas da Rainha, was burped and administered by the Alcobacense monks. This vast territory was called the Coutos de Alcobaça.
Land Agricultural with 218000sqm Tavira
€ 8.600.000
thumbLand Agricultural with 218000sqm Tavira
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-CG1264218.000m²Sale
Land in Tavira with 21.8 hectares, in the connection between the A22 and the city center of Tavira, in a place with excellent development potential. The land is located in the vicinity of the city of Tavira, in the Western Algarve, 37 km from Faro (39 km from the airport), 300 km from Lisbon and 172 km from Seville. The Pêro Gil Detail Plan, where the land is integrated, allows to develop a project with a total construction potential of 76,021sqm for residential space, a hotel, commercial space. The area is divided into three execution units and a rustic area, facilitating the proper phase of the project: Execution Unit 1 divides the space into nine lots, with one for hotel unit, five for collective housing (two of them with trade) and three lots for equipment (one of them, for private clinic). Part of the adjacent land will be kept rustic (79,885sqm), with agricultural potential. Execution Unit 2 divides the urban space into eight distinct lots for collective housing (where, in three of these, trade areas are expected to exist on the ground floor). This unit has a Nascent - West orientation. Execution Unit 3 is structured in twenty-seven separate lots, of which three are intended for collective housing and the remaining twenty-four for detached dwellings. In the northern part of the EU3, next to the EU2, the retention basin provided for in the Pêro Gil Detail Plan is inserted. In addition to the three Execution Units, which make up the Urban Area, there is a Rustic Area that will be maintained, conducive to agricultural culture, a total of 79,885sqm. The predominant crops in this region are of a wine and fruit nature. The Total Land Area amounts to 218,837sqm, corresponding to an Urban Area of 138,952sqm and a Rustic Area of 79,885sqm. The surroundings are characterized by the existence of land, mixed buildings and scattered villas.