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Laundry Equipped in the center Quinta do Amparo Portimão
thumbLaundry Equipped in the center Quinta do Amparo Portimão
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-995100m²Fully equipped laundry for dry and wet cleaning, with several machines, in the center of Portimão. 'Turnkey' business. Ventilated space with lots of light. Located in a mixed area (housing, commerce, recreation and school). All machines are fully operational. Created in 1976, it has 44 years of uninterrupted activity, always at the service of its founders. Equipment: - 1 washing machine of 33kg; - 1 washing machine of 22 kg 'Eletrolux / Wascator'; - 1 8kg 'IPSO' Washer / Dryer Set; - 1 double 13kg 'Primus' dryer; - 1 Calender with 1.60m of useful use 'Electrolux / Wascator'. - 1 Hydroextractor of 13kg 'Electrolux / Wascator'; - 1 'Donini' 12kg dry cleaning machine; - 2 'Ora' coaters; - 2 'Guidini' steamships; - 1 Scale (calibrated annually) - Water Recovery Tanks * The dryers and the Calandra work on gas, providing not only greater profitability but, in fact, greater savings in terms of energy consumption. * Meeting the same criteria of saving resources, it is equipped with Water Recovery Tanks. Current rent: 300€ CURIOSITIES: '(...) Currently, Portimão is the 3rd national port (just behind Lisbon and Funchal), which receives more passengers from cruise ships, thus reinforcing quality tourism in a municipality characterized by mass tourism. Headquarters of the Algarve Hospital Center of the Barlavento and the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, a city endowed with industrial centers with capacity for evolution and services, headquarters of the Algarve's regional sports directorate, the largest multipurpose area south of the Tagus, are some examples of the importance that Portimão represents for the Algarve. ' Wikipedia
Land Rustic with 39760sqm Fóia Monchique - easy access, water
thumbLand Rustic with 39760sqm Fóia Monchique - easy access, water
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-92539.760m²Rustic land, in terraces, with a total area of ​​39,760sqm, with its own water (mines and reservoir), very fertile and with stunning views over the mountains. Located in Barranco Silvestre, close to Foia, it has good access and is located 10 min. from the village of Monchique. Excellent for agricultural activity, greenhouses and / or any other activity that requires not only a lot of water but also its purity and quality. CURIOSITIES: 'In the center of two great mountains (Fóia and Picota), the municipality of Monchique goes down in history with the presence of the Romans in Caldas de Monchique, attracted by the healing power of its waters. In the following centuries, the mountain was slowly populated and in the 16th century Monchique was already a sufficiently important village to deserve the visit of King D. Sebastião, who intended to grant it the status of a city. ' Wikipedia « The natural mineral water of Monchique comes from the depths of the earth, on a slope located in the tectonic valley that divides the Serra de Monchique. Agua de Monchique has been known since the time of the Roman presence in the Iberian Peninsula, as attested by the archaeological remains found in the region, and the Latin inscriptions referring to the water of 'Mons Cicus' (Latin origin of Monchique) as 'sacred'. With a pH of 9.5, Água de Monchique is the most alkaline in Portugal and one of the most alkaline in the world. Rich in Bicarbonate, Sodium and Fluorine, it is fundamentally applicable to respiratory and musculoskeletal disorders. Among its countless benefits, we highlight the help in recovering organic vitality and the feeling of well-being, delaying the signs associated with aging and preventing osteoporosis... » monchiquetermalresort (website)
Plot Urban in urbanization center Mexilhoeira Grande Portimão
thumbPlot Urban in urbanization center Mexilhoeira Grande Portimão
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-1058279m²Plot of urban land, with a total area of ​​279sqm, located in a recent urbanization, in Mexilhoeira Grande. Views to Serra de Monchique and Ria de Alvor. Located 8 min. from the center of Portimão, Mexilhoeira Grande is a very attractive alternative for those who, working in Portimão, aim for the tranquility, peace and quality of life that only the countryside can offer, especially when these requirements are so close to the city. With a wide range of social facilities aimed at its population and covering various age groups, Mexilhoeira Grande is increasingly a sensible and very intelligent option in terms of choosing a permanent place of residence. Social Facilities: - Mexilhoeira Grande Sports Complex (opened in 2009), equipped with a training room, 25 × 12.50 meter pool and 11-a-side football pitch on synthetic grass; - Nursery; - Kindergarten; - Basic School of the 1st Cycle - Leisure Time Activity Center; - Nursing Home and Day Care; - Personalized health care unit - Pole of Mexilhoeira Grande - Library; - Playground; - Mexilhoeirense Instruction and Recreation Club CURIOSITIES: Mexilhoeira Grande is a Portuguese village and parish in the municipality of Portimão, with an area of ​​88.41 ksqm... Located in the North of Portimão, Mexilhoeira Grande, a land of a rural nature, with white houses, covered by narrow streets, has traditional crafts and agriculture as the main activities of its people. It is also in this parish that the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve is located. It is located in a countryside area, about 6 km north of the center of the parish. The access is made from a variant of the EN125. It is served by a station on the Algarve Line.
Farm Benafátima São Marcos da Serra Silves - water, electricity, great location
thumbFarm Benafátima São Marcos da Serra Silves - water, electricity, great location
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-1181149.400m²Property consisting of 1 mixed land with 2 ruins(8,156 ha) and 3 exclusively rustic plots of land, with an excellent location, great for those who enjoy and want to live in the countryside, away from the stress and confusion typical of cities. Urban Area: 1520sqm Located 5 minutes from S. Marcos da Serra. Great for building your own residence and/or operating tourist accommodation in rural areas, with all the necessary conditions for a self-sustainable existence, both in terms of agriculture and livestock. Electricity. Fertile land with plenty of underground water. Panoramic views. Distances: S. Bartolomeu de Messines - 15 min. Monchique - 25/30 min. River Beach of the Sta. Clara-a-Velha Dam - 15 min. Note: Each of the 4 plots of land has its matrix artº so it can easily be sold if there is interest in that situation. CURIOSITIES: «The actual date of the creation of the parish of São Marcos da Serra is not yet known, however the oldest documental reference to this parish dates back to 1598 in the information that Bishop D. Fernando Martins Mascarenhas sent to Pope Clement VIII about the state of his Bishopric. It was certainly in the first half of the 16th century, during the reign of D. Manuel (1495-1521), that the parish of São Marcos emerged, given that it was this monarch who undertook the entire reorganization of the administration of the territory and granted the new charters to the Portuguese cities and towns... » DESCRIPTION: « São Marcos da Serra is a rural parish, belonging to the municipality of Silves, with an area of ​​161.7 ksqm. It is located west of the IC1 Lisbon - Algarve, 36 km north of Silves, in the middle of the Algarve mountains, in a transition area between Baixo Alentejo and Algarve and between the mountains of Monchique and Caldeirão. The Ribeira de Odelouca that surrounds the village passes through this parish, and from now on feeds the dam with the same name. It is limited by the parishes of São Bartolomeu de Messines, Alferce, Pereiras, Santana da Serra, São Barnabé and Sabóia. The urban fabric is quite irregular, the houses with only one floor (rarely two) follow the slope of the land, which still retains many traces of rurality, and its interior consists of backyards with strong agricultural use. The panoramic views of the village and its surroundings and the contrast between the two mountains, either by the shape of the relief or by its vegetation cover, constitute, in themselves, values ​​of the natural and built heritage. » Junta de Freguesia de S. Marcos da Serra (site)